Welcome to Marzouk's family.

Welcome to the Marzouk.today. If you did not see the video yet please have a look here!

The Marzouks is a refugees' empowerment space. Our concern is economic empowerment.

This space is a window to job market where refugees can offer their skills and services. We created this space to empower refugees during their hosting time with the knowledge and tools to develop and share their skills within their hosting communities. We believe socio-economic empowerment is crucial to adapting to social changes.

Currently we are reaching out to people speaking one of the following four languages; French, English, Arabic, Netherlands. We will launch other languages soon. German, Swedish and Norwegian.

Our objective is not just to open new windows to job market for refugees but also to ensure the market needs of hosting communities are fullfilled. We have carefully considered the national needs of hosting communities in our algorithms design.

We believe technology should play a central role in solving social problems. The information technology behind this project is quite interesting. Firstly, in terms of networking and linking, it works based on three main criteria, geolocation, spoken language and the searched service.

Secondly, in terms of authentication, it continuously ensure the users are pursuing ethical and socially responsible practices. Thirdly, in terms of quality, the rating system is quite well developed in terms of taking into consideration several and critical criteria. Fourthly, integration wise, the system award higher scores to those who take more effort to acquire the language of the country they live in, get training in their area of expertise in the countries they are hosted, and obtain relevant documents such as driving license. For next phase, our recommender system will suggest courses, training courses and workshops to registered users. We will also provide exceptional solution for the legal financial situation that will satisfy all parties. A win-win one. Fifthly, we are providing news and information about labor and job market, in addition to other elements that empower refugees economically and make them more independent and socially conscious. Our news page provide information based on geolocation and the chosen language by the visitor.

The project is in beta version, meaning any feedback or volunteering act is crucially important to us and very welcome.

Are you looking for a painter, baker, technician, barber, artist, musician, teacher, coder, etc.?

This project is created by refugees for refugees. We would like to extend our deep thanks to SINGA France for the fundamental emotional support they provided as well as the functional benefits of linking us to hugely supportive network of volunteers and experts who were there to provide the needed consultancy whenever needed.

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